Apple Spice Freshies
Apple Spice Freshies

Apple Spice Freshies

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Air Freshies are a fun, cute, stylish way to have air freshener in your car, locker, laundry basket, closets, drawers, and so on.  As you can see, there are many ways to utilize these gems. 

The freshies can last anywhere from 30-45 days or even longer in the cooler months.  Over time, you may get used to the smell of your freshie and think that it's time to replace it.  But guests in your home or your car will continue to enjoy it's fragrance.  

Macintosh apples with light fruity notes combined with freshly ground clove buds.

Materials Used:  Aroma Beads, fragrance oil, mica, elastic cord

To Use:  Freshies come with a hanging string.  You can hang in your car, you can place it in a dish, in a drawer, hang it on a laundry basket or hamper, hang it in a closet, place it in the bottom of a garbage can.  

These freshies would make great gifts for new teen drivers, easter basket ideas, stocking stuffers, wedding favors, shower favor, party favors, teacher gifts, and more!! 

Please note that all freshies are handmade and may differ slightly in color and shape/size.  

**In the case of a larger order, please allow extra time for processing and delivery.

Weight of freshies are approximately 1.0- 2.0 oz.

****Warning**** Extremely high temperatures may cause freshie to melt. Avoid placing the freshie on the floor, console, dash, etc. Do not set on any surface. KEEP AWAY from direct sunlight and long time exposure to heat. Bath Thyme Boutique is not responsible for melting, damages, or injuries caused by melting. 

****Not intended for internal use. Do not consume. Keep out of eyes, mouth, and out of reach of children as these are NOT toys.