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Lavender Vanilla Body Powder

Lavender Vanilla Body Powder

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Body Powders are a wonderful addition to our daily routine, especially in the summer!  They can be used to freshen up after getting hot and sticky/sweaty.  They can be used before getting sticky to prevent chafing, sweat marks, and odors.  You can use our body powders under your arms as a chemical free deodorant, between your thighs, on your feet, or anywhere else you sweat.  Your skin will feel silky smooth and smelling great!!

Our body powders are made with all natural ingredients and are also talc-free!!  

Ingredients: Arrowroot Powder, Vanilla Powder, Lavender Essential Oil

Directions:  Shake powder onto your hand or on a puff and apply to desired area. Reapply as needed.

Our body powders come in an 8 oz. cardboard shaker and have a net weight of 4 oz of powder.   

In the case of a larger order, please allow extra time for processing and delivery.

****Not intended for internal use. Do not consume. Keep out of eyes, mouth, and out of reach of children.